The constructive and resource-oriented processing of conflicts as a chance for a peaceful future in BiH

The implementator of the project: The association for psycho-social support and a better future „Progres“

The country in which the project is implemented: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Duration of the implementation: 1st January  – 31st December 2010

The project coordinator: Elvir Čaušević, President of the Association

Partner organizations and informal groups:
The Scout Organization Široki Brijeg, the Speleological Club „Ponir” Banjaluka, the Youth CentreNove nade” Bihać, the Youth Center “Bijeljina”, the Youth Center “Desnek” Breza, the Youth Club “Under the same sun” Jablanica, Youth Council Jablanica, the Youth organization “Life is beautiful” Milići, Informal youth group from Bileća, the Speleologist and Mountaineer Association „Ledenica” Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, the Centre for the organization of culture and art “Frame” Travnik, the Citizen Association “Bonitas” Trnovo, RS, the Eco-association “Jezero” Živinice, the Youth Organization „Odisej” Bratunac, the Informal Youth Group from Zenica, Informal Youth Group from Sarajevo, the Volunteer Association from Jagodina/ Serbia, the Student Organization “Wij Helpen Daar”, the Netherlands.

Aims of the project

  • Intensification of the intercultural work with the youth organizations and informal groups from the whole territory of BiH
  • Improvement of trust, tolerance, understanding and making friendships that overcome ethnic and religious borders
  • Recognition, appreciation and mobilization of personal resources and capacities in young people
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills in the domain of peaceful and constructive processing of conflicts, civil transformation of conflicts and non-violent prevention of conflicts as methods of intercultural work with young people
  • Stimulate personal or collective changes in thinking and behavior with the aim of attaining more persistent personal and wider social changes, as well as the mode of operation
  • Strengthening and expanding of the project network
  • Support to youth organizations and informal groups on the local level


Target groups

Mladi ljudi, prije svega sa prostora Bosne i Hercegovine, ali i iz regiona, starosne dobi od 18 do 28 godina. Omladinske organizacije i neformalne grupe mladih ljudi, koje svojim aktivnostima nastoje pomoći mladim ljudima da uzmu aktivnije učešće u izgradnji zajedničke perspektive za sve građane Bosne i Hercegovine.



Young people, primarily from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from the region, aged between 18 and 28. Youth organizations and informal groups of young people trying with their activities to help young people to take a more active part in forming a joint perspective for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Activities with the purpose of attaining the aims of the project

The Peacekeeping-pedagogic Summer Camp for 200 young persons, members of all ethnic and religious groups will this year as well be in the centre of the multiethnic and interreligious work with young people.

Two preparatory seminars, on which youth leaders with the guidance of the project coordinator will plan eventful as well as technical and logistical activities for the realization of Peacekeeping-pedagogic Summer Camp, will be realized as a part of the preparatory phase.

All activities will be realized on the basis of set aims of the project, short-term as well as long-term ones.


Elementary structure is based on the following activities:

  • Interactive workshops;
  • Joint humanitarian activities;
  • A tour to the canyon of the Rakitnica River, hiking;
  • The presentation of towns and countries, participant groups of the Summer Camp;
  • A field trip to Sarajevo;
  • port activities;
  • The presentation of work/ results of the workshops

The above mentioned activities will be prepared and elaborated on the two preparatory seminars, and their aim and purpose juxtaposed to the joint vision of the future, by the making of which we want to contribute with the realization of the Peacekeeping Summer Camp.

From a great significance is the fact that after the Summer Camp on the local level, within the youth organizations and informal groups participants of the youth project, groups are being formed with the aim of realization of the local initiatives, in which apart from the participants of the Summer Camp other young people living in that community can also take part. In this way, through the realization of the local projects, which are expanding and upgrading the already existing ones and which are initiating new ideas and activities, an even greater number of key participants are getting involved in the whole process.


Our project network

Thirteen youth organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of Volunteers from Jagodina/Serbia, The Student Organization “Wij Helpen Daar” the Netherlands, two informal youth groups from Zenica and Sarajevo

The results of the project

  • By the active participation of the key participants, youth leaders in the preparatory, as well as in the evaluative phase of the project, the initiated process of understanding between young people from both entities has been improved
  • Through a possibility of participating in the international Peacekeeping Camp 200 young people were given the opportunity to come out of the “ethnic” isolation and by so doing, to strengthen their intercultural competencies
  • By expanding the project network from 11 to 13 organizations, including the Western Herzegovina, the intercultural cooperation between young people from the whole BiH has been intensified and the constructive facing with different prejudices has been initiated
  • The participation in the Peacekeeping Camp has contributed to strengthening of trust between young people, the members of different ethnic groups
  • A positive life experience as the result of the participation in the Camp has initiated young people to keep in touch even after the Camp and to strengthen their friendship
  • The Facebook group named Bjelašnica 2009 – Wings of Hope On the initiative of the (camp) has been formed at the initiative of participants of the Camp
  • 10 youth organizations and informal groups have implemented 8 local projects by following the aims and spreading the idea of the Camp and the youth project


We thank to our sponsors:
Ifa Zivik, Germany
Wij helpen daar, the Netherlands

And to our partners:
Wings of Hope Deutschland
THW Bayern



The association for psycho-social support and a better future „Progress“


Donations / Support

By your donation you are helping children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make a better and more perspective future.

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